Leader ( IPOB ) Nnamdi Kanu Said That Arrest Doesn’t Move Him.

Innovator of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu according to the bench justify issued against him is “merely educational. ”

Nnamdi Kanu, that is facing test alongside other Biafran activists for alleged treason, choose to go in to hiding months right after his bail just to reappear within Israel after 12 months.

Following his carried on absence in court,The judge who granted him bail, revoked it and issued a bench warrant against him.

“In March 03th, this past year 2018, a continental human rights court restrained the Nigerian government from additional persecution of members of IPOB, including my humble self. Till date, Nigerian government is however to obey that Order, ” he said.

“The along with warrant against me personally is just academic. This will surely be overlooked by a global lawful and diplomatic order that has voiced its disapproval associated with what is happening to IPOB within Nigeria.

“Self determination is not against the law but a correct guaranteed under section A9, Laws associated with Federation of Nigeria, 2004.

So, exactly what is Justice seeking my arrest and test for unless the girl has no intention of obeying the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which provides me the justification to freely agitate for Biafra?

“I remain permanently grateful to a Sureties for standing by me personally all through the travails, trials and tribulations. It consequently smacks of judicial persecution for the judge to claim said that my Sureties have withdrawn their suretyship. ”

Nnamdi Kanu furthermore claimed he still has massive following in Nigeria and his followers still dedicated to the cause associated with a sovereign state of Biafra.

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