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ANITA ASUOHA, also known as Warri Pikin, a popular comedienne, has finally responded to critics and fans who have long questioned her for treating her spouse like an oracle.


Anita’s marriage has been a joy to watch over the years, and she revealed the key to how they have been able to work and live together in harmony.

Warri Pikin took to Instagram to post a bunch of cute images of herself with her hubby, writing;

“Anita You, too, adore your husband as if he were Oracle!
You, too, carry your hubby about like La Kpa La Kpa!
Why? “The reason why dey d 7th Slide IKECHUKWU My,”

Warri Pikin’s spouse said in the film, “The husband should not be a taskmaster; you don’t need to display muscle to be the head.” Marriage is a collaborative effort; your wife is not your slave. You are supposed to assist your wife, especially when she is pursuing a heart purpose.”

Watch the video below;