Former USA President, Barack Obama paid a tribute’s to Nipsey_Hussle Family in a letter that read at the memorial for Nipsey on Thursday.

former President of Us – Barack Obama thanked the rapper who was killed in a shooting last 30 days for lifting up his South Central Los Angeles community.

“While most people consider the Cren-shaw community in which he grew up and see only gangs, bullets, and despair, Hussle noticed potential. He saw hope. He did find a community that, even through its flaws, taught him to always keep moving, ” Obama wrote”.

 “Here The Barack Obama’s Full letter text”


“I’ve never met Nipsey, but I’ve heard his music through my daughters. After his passing, I had the chance to learn more about his transformation and his community work. While most folks look at the Crenshaw neighborhood where he grew up and only see gangs, bullets and despair, Nipsey saw potential. He saw hope. He saw a community that, even through its flaws, taught him to always keep going.

“His choice to invest in that community rather than to ignore it — to build a skills training center, a co-working space in Crenshaw to lift up the Eritrean-American community — he set an example for young people to follow and is a legacy worthy of celebration. I hope his memory inspires more good work in Crenshaw and communities like it.

 Video of mourner’s Including Lauren/Obama’s tribute’s

Lauren London Tribte’s Was So Emotional 

Photo”s At Nipsey Hussle Funeral

Barack Obama Tribute's To Rapper NIPSEY Who Was Murdered Past Month

The service all but stopped the hip-hop Music world on Thursday. While some West Coast rappers took the stage to speak about Hussle’s life and enduring message, others sent their own emotional condolences.

Kendrick, another local Los Angeles hero, in his own letter recalled touring with Hussle in 2009. “Casually I would go out to the crowd and listen to the substance he spewed on stage. Thinking to myself, this is the type of talent I want to be a part of,” he wrote. “I watched a young, ambitious black male orchestrate fellowship amongst the men around him on that tour.”

Drake, who was set to perform in London on Thursday, posted a photo of himself watching the service to Instagram. “Sent off like a king and rightfully so,” he said. “Sending our love from across the world.”

Barack Obama Tribute's To Rapper NIPSEY Who Was Murdered Past Month

Lauren London And Nipsey

lauren london and nipsey

The marathon Will Never Stop, those who love’s Hussle  Was Hurt So Much,Lauren London who is his longtime girlfriend Lauren London said Thursday that “grief is the final act of love.” And she demonstrated that sentiment by getting a tattoo of her lover’s face on her forearm.

Lauren is The Only Girl Always by Hussle Side All The Time ….

In conclusion with Nipsey Mother Tribute’s To his Late Son

Angelique Smith, Hussle’s mom, stood up to the microphone outfitted fully in white, with a tulle veil covering part of her face. She spoke at length of her very own spiritual beliefs, asking Hussle’s ancestors to “lead him in the journey. ”

Tribute’s from Award9ja Media To Nipsey….

We love you Nipsey, We promise that we keep Updating People On Your Songs , Pictures Of Your Moments…….
RIP Nipsey, RIP Our hommy , We Love….

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