Award9ja Guru releases Free Premium VPS on Interest of Twitter Ban for Nigerians.

We all know as it was announced last month, the Twitter community was forced to ban all users from West Africa, Nigeria.

The Award9ja Guru wrote to Award9ja Team on how to posts the link for the Free Tunnel Vps, which can enable users to browse free and use Twitter in Nigeria.

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Award9ja Guru with no time get the app verified and it has been used for all of our Industreet Group.

How to Use your Twitter while still on ban period

1. Download the Ha Tunnel App from the play store.

2. Open and select the country of your choice.

See the photo below on how to set up the Ha Tunnel.

Twitter Ban In Interest Of Everyone Award9ja Guru

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Twitter Ban unlock vps app

In addition, we’re not breaking the laws but trying to restore knocked-off a bit. Download the app and begin to enjoy your Twitter account.