Home TIPS 5 Thing To Do To Survive In Nigeria – Survival tips

5 Thing To Do To Survive In Nigeria – Survival tips

5 Thing To Do To survive in Nigeria , Survival tips
There are over 100 million people currently living in Nigeria. This is so much that our country is regarded as the most populous nation in Africa and the third in the world. No wonder that there’s not enough of basic need as food for one to survive, quality houses, well-paid work, and even power supply.
But all these seem no to bother us. Instead, we pursue studies in higher education abroad, make a tremendous career, and drive those cars we want, engage in entrepreneur or better known in our terms, ‘hustle’. Is that all about our orientation?
Despite all these deprivations, there are things that is a must-have, no matter the situation. those things are listed below

Free gifts (Survival Tips)

if you want to pull strings, attach free gifts to your things. awoof too sweet. ranging from airtime, extra quantities (jara), promos in jumia to sponsorship and free meals at restaurant and events, we, Nigerians always has an eye for such goodies. without this, all you say or do is just boring. Not accepting is not our thing, unless you detest the source of the gifts.

Entrepreneur mindset

In Nigeria we love good business. from trade by batter to swap sale to online platform deals and small to large scale business, we are always trying to make ends meet. no matter your profession or caliber, you must at some point make even to either make extra cash or make ends meet.

Football addiction (Survive Tips)

 Nigeria is known for its staunch fans of some football club or two. Every football discussions as well as arguments are heated as well as interesting. weekends are so not left out; the viewing centers are so crowded and charged but no one care less, all because their favorite  teams are playing. there you can see people buying drinks for the ‘house’ because they won or beat a tougher team. simply put, where there is football, there is love.

Long Life Education

education in Nigeria is a lifestyle. WAEC certificate is not enough, you go into B.Sc or OND and HND degrees. Then you start thinking higher, Master’s degree. All this boils down to one point; higher education means better living standards as companies and organization cannot go for lesser qualification when a higher one is available. skills acquisition program, higher education and the likes all help one in Nigeria to achieve their aim. For one to have a better life, you must first be an employee with value.

Fashion Professors ( Survival tips)

just for the fact that economy is not smiling down on you doesn’t mean you have to look like your economical status. Here in Nigeria, we ‘package’. Even if it is from second class store,as long as it looks good on you and is presentable, the rest is immaterial.
we are always trying out new combinations, makeovers and beauty tips and if one looks really good, it trends. we always try yo survive while looking good.
 With this 5 Thing To Do To Survive In Nigeria – Survival tips ,One’s Will Change his/her Lifestyle .
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