Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is the sort of writer who would notice the admiration of  “the Purple Hibiscus”, and “night came too soon.

As a critical reader caught up in the mood of new African writing since 2001 win as a rough marker, I’ve taken an interest in the writings of that delightful crop of now aging writers.

Perhaps the most popular of these is a female voice, Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie a debut novel we read and loved as an undergraduate. Adichie has a new novel out, her third, Americanah published in Nigeria full of fiction.

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Told in fifty-five chapters over the course of seven “parts”, the first thing apparent in this novel is the experimentation with form. The most explanatory bits, the ones that put a thermometer to Ifemelu’s life.

These perceptions sear through the core of sociology and personality in a way that a less skillful writer would seek to express in paragraphs of pretty prose and still fail to get across.

This eye for significant detail and the deft touch with which Ms. Adichie presents her details is what stands her out as a writer. It also makes Americanah a pleasure to read.

A final example of this would suffice to end this review, it comes up very early on her fiction well writing Novel’s, which is available at Amazon like Purple Hibiscus.