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“She tells me she’s going to get some ice and bread,” Jada, Wizkid’s hugely pregnant babymama, says

Jada Pollock, Wizkid’s manager and baby mama, who is heavily pregnant with the musician’s second child, has chosen not to hide her feelings about the condition’s appetites.


She just revealed her baby belly in a photo with her father after keeping her pregnancy a secret for weeks.

Jada has resorted to Twitter to declare that she is craving ice cream and bread now that the cat is out of the bag.

The mother of one uploaded a snapshot of ice cream sandwiched between two slices of bread and wrote that she is thinking about trying the combination.

@Betalife09; As baba wizzy is the breadwinner of the house… You want to be the ice that cools me off.

@YoungTife; “She tells me she’s going to get some ice and bread.”

@Darmson2; Whatever you want, but make sure our daughter is still alive.

@Hoversy; When you’re incredibly wealthy, eating junk food will make you hungry. I receive.