Tonto Dikeh, a well-known and outspoken Nollywood actress, has weighed in on the heated debate over the disturbing leaked tape involving minors at Chrisland School in Lagos State.


Remember that the video was widely shared on social media on Sunday, shortly after music entrepreneur Ubi Franklin broke the news on his Twitter page, reporting that a 10-year-old student was raped by her classmates during a ‘School competition trip’ in Dubai.

Tonto Dikeh, amidst the controversies, stated on her Instagram account that the degrading story is not a case of rape.

After seeing the video, the actress stated that she has reason to believe the 10-year-old girl in question has an older groomer somewhere.

“She has a groomer who is much older.” The family must ask the right questions and provide more protection to the girl. Please do not distribute the video.

“The school is GUILTY of hiding the truth about such a HORRIBLE crime!” “Our leaders must improve.”

“Okay, so I just watched the Chrisland video, and all I can say is– That is not rape,” she says. That ten-year-old girl is familiar with S3X, and it isn’t her first or fifth time, in my opinion.

She has an older groomer somewhere, this is not her 1st nor 5th time and this is not r@pe – Tonto Dikeh weighs into Chrisland School tape saga

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