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Ruger, the stage name of singer Michael Olayinka, has disclosed why he constantly wears a black patch over his left eye.


An eyepatch is a patch that is worn to shield an injured eye.

In 2021, a photo of Ruger without his eyepatch went viral, proving that the singer isn’t blind as many belief.

Ruger revealed the exact reason he wears the eyepatch on his left eye in an interview on Sunday.

According to the singer, the patch is his only trademark. In his own words:

“It’s my signature.”

When asked about his most memorable memories, the 22-year-old stated:

“My most memorable moment as a musician was when my song, Bounce, reached the top of the Apple Music Nigeria Top 100 Chart in Nigeria in 2021.”

“That was a pretty unforgettable experience for me,” I recall hearing the news when at the airport. “I was overjoyed.”