Rudeboy’s head of the fire department and former PSquare duo is relatively as it comes to boasting, but he recently made a claim that has people talking about it, he said his song Reason With Me was continent’s biggest song in 2019.

The singer had a slow start after the split with brother Mr. P but picked up this year when he released the chart-topping song “Reason With Me” on April 15, 2019–he continued to drop banger after bangers.

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At 38 million views released this year, Reason_With Me is currently African’s most streamed music video on YouTube and the closest to it is Davido’s with Blow My Mind featuring Chris Brown at 34 million views On Youtube.

With that said – Would it be safe for Rudeboy to say Reason With Me is the biggest song on the continent in 2019 ?

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