Home LATEST NEWS Pastor Surprised as Church refused to shake hands (watch video)

Pastor Surprised as Church refused to shake hands (watch video)


Watch video as Pastor asked church members to shake hands and their refused

Corona-virus today has become on of deadly virus in the whole world at alarge with over 30 Million peoples infected.

World health organization is shaking because of the deadly virus called corona.

Today, on social Meadi popular Pastor Shared video, he asked the fellowers to shake and huge his or her neighbor suprisely no one did.

On report, Many parts of nigerian has taken precaution on preventive measures to protect everyone from corona-virus.

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In addition, everyone in Nigerian is taking God For everthing including protecting their nation fromthe deadly virus.

Since the virus was announced real, italy was one of the most affected country with over 200,000 patient.

How corona will change peoples life of living, watch video below!



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