Osibanjo warns Nigerian Youths against Social Media misuse, the incumbent vice president of Nigeria put together the call on Monday at the maiden Progressive Youth Conference organized by the APC youth wing.

The Vice President, in his speech named, “The Future is a Decision,” said more political participation by majority youths would help them to make important changes.

“It is evident just from voter-turnout alone that the vast majority of young people either do not register to vote or do not vote.

“Those who even participate at all would rather engage within the very constrained space of social media platforms or join pressure groups.”

Osinbajo stated that social media “do not transform the lives of millions for good or ill”, and added: “If you are keen on how the future will turn out, you must be involved in politics.”

Recollecting that he was in several organizations, concerned with corruption, human rights, and democracy, Osinbajo said it was only in 1999 when the Alliance for Democracy won the election in Lagos that he entered into government as Attorney General.

The Vice President added that it is vital for young Nigerians already engaged in politics to impact others to also participate.

The VP, Osibanjo warns Nigerian Youths against Social Media misuse and urged young citizens youths not to be dissuaded from engaging in politics because of unfavorable attitudes associated with politics in the country.