The most blessed and Prophetic man of God known as TB Joshua’s prophecy about the New revolution in Nigeria.

In the Year 2013 lives service, pastor TB Joshua received a spiritual message which leads him to write it down to remember all the supernatural message.

According to the pastor, he said that the message came right a new beginning with changes.

He continued saying that “there will be a protects that will turn not to be unstoppable, but that’s a revolution“.

The prophetic messages get everyone’s attention steadfast, as he said Nigeria…; Pray.

“What did you think about, #endsar protest going on, which makes every citizen of Nigeria believe that it’s the real virus they’re seeing”.

A few days ago, Popular musician, Davido visit IG of Nigeria police on how to get the sars operation stops in Nigeria.

Watch a video of a Prophetic message from TB Joshua about the Nigeria Revolution below!