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Naa Agyeman criticizes Ghanian Artistes for Replacing Their Style of Music with Nigeria’s style [Video]

Famous Ghanaian highlife performer Naa Agyeman has criticised his country’s artists for overdoing highlife imitation.


He argues that Ghanaian highlife music’s dismal popularity can be attributed to performers who have embraced Nigerian culture at the price of their own nation’s individuality.

Incorporating other styles into one’s own isn’t necessarily detrimental, he continued, but Ghanaian highlife musicians shouldn’t deviate from their signature sound.

Naa Agyeman stated, “It’s not like the Nigerian style of creating music is bad, but if Ghanaians are embracing it, we should have a feel of highlife in it,” in an interview with Joy Prime’s KMJ on Prime Morning Thursday.

Here is a link to the video.