Largest Telecommunication company in Africa, MTN celebrates 20 Years anniversary with massive gift and bonus to their subscribers.

MTN Nigeria has inflated its appreciation towards Nigerians as the telecommunication company celebrates its 20 years anniversary.

The company began its operation in Nigeria in the year 2001, and has accumulated to become the demand administrator in the telecommunications district, delivering call, data, and mobile money services (Momo) to Nigerians.

As part of its expression of gratitude towards Nigerians for their consent over the years, MTN would be commissioning an ultra-modern head bureau in Nigeria to be powered by renewable energy.

“This is also a testament to its desire to continue to plant its roots in the country.”

Karl Toriola, chief executive officer of MTN Nigeria, said the structure would serve as a central hub for creativity and innovation.

The company said it owes its success to the immense support of Nigerians over the years.

“In 20 years, we have been able to reach impressive heights thanks to the support of Nigerians. This has been our enthusiasm for doing more, and we will continue to put Nigerians first,” The manager, Toriola said.

Mtn 20 years anniversary bonus

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