Faith Morey, a supermodel, has spoken out about the rising epidemic of paternity fraud in Nigeria.


The model/actress stated that many fathers have been inadvertently raising children who are not their own, and she used the occasion to relate a personal experience of a friend who suddenly realized that his 10-year-old son is not his.

In her own words;

DNA testing is now revealing many long-buried family mysteries.

I don’t care how in love my brother is when he marries; he needs to get a DNA Paternity test to avoid touching stories. Is there anything more agonizing than this?

Last week, one of my very good friends in Nigeria received the most heartbreaking news: his loving 10-year-old kid is not his.

This is incredibly heartbreaking. What can he do to alleviate the anguish, betrayal, and heartbreak?

With so many paternity scandals coming to light, paternity fraud is on the rise in Nigeria.

Many fathers have unwittingly raised children who are not their own.