The largest Telecommunications, MTN stands providing customers with another 12x Recharge4me bonus offer, the same way it also gives them low call flat rate.

But several subscribers don’t know about it, here you have an MTN Recharge4me 12x bonus offer with which you can receive multiplied airtime value.

Cheap recharge plans are airtime bundles that offer great value for airtime for a low charge rate. Such bundle is the Recharge4me plan which offers up to 12 times recharge value or more.

The MTN Recharge offers 4ME plan is an outstanding inquiry under the parent MTN4me platforms.

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Furthermore, This Plan provides the means to multiply your credit while recharging your MTN line using the unique code.

The Recharge4me code is *161*RECHARGE-PIN#. Simply dial it with the targeted airtime pin you want to load.

MTN 12x Recharge4me bonus offer

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The validity of the plans above differs, some are 3days while others are 7days or 14days as the case may be.

MTN 12x Recharge4me bonus offer

The good thing about the MTN recharge4me credit 12 airtime multiplier bonus offer is that “The converted airtime does not zap and burn quickly as with the case of MTNAwuf4u package“.

In addition, the credit can be used to make calls to any network of choice at a low call flat rate.

These offers are most of the time deliver to customers by MTNspecial via SMS. You can check your inbox to confirm.

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