How Anthony Agbo Poetry Predicts the Future

Anthony Agbo Poetry Predicts the FutureAnthony Agbo Poems

Nigerian Southeastern Formal senator and poet-writer, Anthony Agbo once often narrated on why Africans are so widely different and how his Poetry predicts the future.

Besides academic work, Anthony Agbo on Wikipedia shares testimony and differences that say a positive program to rebrand Nigeria, He said “Nigeria would not develop, else it’s refractured to attractive place to visit”.

Agbo says Africa once dominated the world and ancient civilization for thousands of years. This age of prosperity, he says, was set on a course to ruin when Nimrod the first world ruler.

The sentinel Poetry author, reveals the pages of the Bible where he says thousands of years ago, God had pronounced distinctly all the evils that will befall Africans and other nations have happened.

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In addition to this, Anthony’s Poems were a collection of Bible and imagination that’s why it predicted the future, Imagine the world shutdown pandemically by Coronavirus.

The Glory, the Remedy,” draws from both current and past events of Africa to reinforce Agbo’s theory. He hopes his book will not only convince readers of his theory but also show them the lasting effects an individual’s actions can have on future generations.

Consequently, Poems of Anthony Agbo really predict the future with many collections like, Adoration of the King’ and ‘The Glory, The Curse & The Remedy’ Etc. The Poems in honor of the Great God Almighty.”

Finally, Agbo has published his work in several journals and is a sponsor of sentinelnigeria Publishers and Nigerian literature, poetry, and fiction writers.

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