Grounded ways to the Music Industry | For Every upcoming Artist.

We look at what attract Music artists to Record labels, What assures a record label about an artist’s craft? What do record labels look out for before signing an artist?

The question on everyone’s lips will be, “Do you still need a record label before you blow?”. The answer is no. Several artists are doing great as an independent act.

Yet, artists who chose the independent way always end up putting on a signature to a record label at the latter part of their profession.

As an upcoming artist, there will be costs of recording, shooting videos, and being independent, these might be a lot to handle on your own. Here, we present the five things record labels look out for before signing an artist.

1. Originality

Artists and repertoire at record labels are always on the lookout for artists who show uniqueness or have created their own sound.

A lot of social media, Singer & rappers still have this one-directional style, while that might be good for the audience, it’s old fashioned, and the technique has been repeated.

An example is Mayorkun, who did Twitter/Instagram freestyles a lot tagging Davido and Other Popular Nigerian Music Artists, but when signed, his label had to re-innovate his sound for a wider audience.

2. Social Media Content


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Social Media helps in so many ways like sharing your favorite songs video and freestyle. Getting to know much about it, we boost ($$) every promoted content on our Facebook page and that’s the only way to get the content Viral and being impressed by whoever saw it.

The trick to this is quality and consistency, Record labels like these two metrics because it’s part of what will ensure your sustainability in the industry.

3. Audience


talking about the Grounded ways to the Music Industry, your content will attract people who will later form your core audience. Having your own tribe or your own people who support you and croon your art is key to being signed and contributing to your growth.

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This also makes it easy when you’re signed. There’s a ready audience willing to stream and support your career. Saves the label the stress of building an audience from scratch.

4. Popularity

Grounded ways to the Music Industry

This when combined with the quality of Grounded ways to the Music Industry, it helps artists get discovered. To some extent, most CEOs at record labels have signed artistes after the artist has won a challenge or trend due to a reason.

It will take a while before an artist becomes popular, but even on this year, Bond Ebigbo brought out a mind-blowing package for Artists, which will get artists signed with no stress.

5. Numbers

Grounded ways to the Music Industry

Can your music churn out numbers? How has your past release been? Have they gathered enough numbers from the audience you have? Have you promoted any of the tracks on this website?

Music is a game of numbers, and before a CEO can invest in your craft, he has to see if this will bring in returns.

While for sure it takes more than this to get signed or discovered by industry gatekeepers and helpers, there’s a place of luck and grace of God, that’s why we share the Grounded ways to the Music Industry with you.

Grounded ways to the Music Industry

What Else Can Make An Upcoming Artist Get Discovered/Signed By Record Labels?

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