Here’s the best Guide on Google Adsense Approval for WordPress Site, especially bloggers in Nigeria.

Getting Adsense account this days not very easy, because it requires about 3 steps 3 steps on verification. On Verification 92% website owner’s exceeded their chances which finally led to verification failed “Stuck-line”.

They’re methods that can be employed to increases chances of approval are building the website to its standard, creating: Non-copied article, Policy piracy Page, About Us page, Contact Page.

4 Steps on How Google Adsense Approval for WordPress Site fast.

  1. Creating Gmail using your name: this are best practice when applying for adsense, because it’s also tell’s google the account onwer.
  2. Apply for Adsense: When applying for adsense by visiting:, Fill the form correctly, this help’s google on information on verification. NB: use valid Postal Code Number/Zip Code and address.
  3. Adsense Auto Script: This requires Plugin that will help you implement adsense to the header and Footer in your website. Goto plugins store and  search (Quick Adsense), Install and paste script in pen source area, then save.
  4. Approval Letter: finally, If you follow above steps and method’s, Google Adsense Approval for WordPress Site is 100% certify.

Furthermore, After Adsense approval then what next?….

This sounds like a Jamb Question but if you don’t get this factor point, losing your account is 1001%.

On next posts, Adsense Pin/Address Verification will be publish for Nigerians and other western African countries.

If you have any issue on Adsense approval and verification; try visiting or visit our Contact page.