Another Big Opportunity from Biggest commercial monetary Building UBA Bank Creative Finance platform

Who cares how good your script, code, Graphics designs, music or movie is if you do not have the funds to build, Direct and market it?

Over the years the inovetive sector has developed massively; despite the thrive in recent years, one major difficult task it still faces is finance.

While creative minds want to expand and take their business to the next level, capital remains a major stumbling block and has been for decades.In this life, there are just but a few problems capital cannot solve, even in the much sacred creative business.

   About UBA Bank Creative platform Finance Loans

UBA Finance Loans provide access to long- term and low-interest financing for entrepreneurs in the creative industry including fashion, music, movies and information technology.

Inventive can now get up to 100 – 500 million to push their movie, music, fashion or tech businesses and pay in 10 years @ 9% interest rate yearly. Amazing!

This move by UBA banks shows they care about the youth and creative industries and want to see those of us that still believe in Africa grow to our full potential; or what do you think?

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This really is a great opportunity to become the next big shot in any creative industry you are talented for, passionate about, or just here for the profits of the trade!

Wait no more? If you are into music, movie, tech, or fashion, walk into a UBA bank near you for details or email [email protected] to apply today.

Things are about to change for imaginative like you and as UBA Bank creative Finance platform Loans is here now. You all need to watch the video below to understand better.

Watch this Video below:-

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