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Erica Nlewedim, a popular reality celebrity, opens out about being robbed in broad daylight at a fashionable bag store.


The brand influencer took to Twitter to tell the story of how she entered a business with a bag full of cash only to discover it had been emptied.

erica nlewedim

Expressing the pain of the loss, Erica rained curses on the thief as she hinted at not being the only victim.

“To the person that stole my money, you will never make that amount of money you won’t even make 10% of it in your life till you confess and turn yourself in to the police.

I wanted to buy a particular bag, I heard the new naira price of a dollar I said no I’ll save my cash and I left harrods to enter Zara after queuing to pay, it gets to my turn and my bag is empty🤦🏽‍♀️😞

Well, things like this serve as interesting stories for future fun times and this story is probably entertainment for some right now so at least there’s a bright side to it.

They called the police cos another woman complained about the same thing and her whole bag was stolen, we’re waiting for the outcome,” she wrote.