Heavyweight Disc Jockey, Popularly known as DJ Dasuki, is Cameroon/Nigerian based Professionally Deejay, Producer and Visual mixtape Mixer. DJ Dasuki musical exposure started from vast collection of Afro music. From the beginning, he was captivated by the effect music had on people, as well as the different emotions it evoked and he was exposed to a multitude of musical genres Mixing. It was at this time where he learned how to mix music, running big events on his own. He builds this hobby for years, which led to the manifestation of his skill set eventually leading others to take notice of his talent. His growing brand is a testament to the resume he has built for himself. He takes his listeners on a journey from beginning to end, traveling musically from one continent to the next with seamless transitions. Heavy-Mixer, Dasuki also performing in nightclubs or private events, he can usually be found in the studio collaborating with different popular artists to produce a Mixtape sound that is becoming unbefittable.

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Contact on Whatsapp – +237674256938