World Health Organization (WHO) states that COVID-19 Drugs is Causing More Death, because of the heavy chemicals merge for the manufacturing of the COVID-19 Drugs.

The World Health Organization estimated that if efforts are not made to mitigate and overcome interruptions in health services during the COVID-19 pandemic, a six-month disruption of antroviral therapy could lead to more than 5Million de*ths.

coronavirus Drugs is Causing More Death

The terrible prospect of half a million more people in Africa dying of COVID-19 related illnesses but not exactly corona virus and this is like stepping back into old history.

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COVID-19 is Real but in Nigeria, all the Reports was Fake because there’s no evidence of such Patient. Nevertheless stay safe with your family, don’t let anyone Test CVD-19 Drugs on you. As it was very understand that most of the COVID-19 Drugs is Causing More Death