The United States of America base and CEO of Grounded Promotion Entertainment Label of Nigeria, Bond Stanley Ebigbo has the premier first pan-African Music Guide Business Book in Nigeria West Africa.

Grounded Ways by Bond Stanley Ebigbo is a book that touches on artists understanding the music business, the process & developing your talent, branding yourself both online and offline.

These strategies include carving a niche for yourself and building a formidable fan base. It also sheds light on networking as an artist and building relationships within and outside the music industry”.

The Grounded Way To the Music Industry book featured some heavyweight Nigerian Artists Managers and Music Executives such as (Bankuli) who featured in Beyoncé’s album & a Grammy nominee, (Bizzle) A co-founder of the plug management for Davido Etc, and a host of other successful artists managers leading in the Nigerian Music Industry.

Grounded Ways by Bond Stanley Ebigbo

GROUNDED WAYS TO THE MUSIC INDUSTRY” isn’t just for upcoming artists. It is for everyone and anyone who desires to make/has a career in the music industry either as a talent manager, curator of music, or an artist.

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Grab your copy today online, study all it takes to get there as upcoming.

In addition, In every business, there’s a secret, every artist manager, promoter, blogger, PR, event manager, booking agent and road manager have their secret.

That’s why, Bond Stanley ebigbo – tapped into these experiences to write this book with a view to helping both the established and upcoming artists and also to contribute positively to the growth of the African, Nigerian Music Industry.