How Will you Fill Seeing Your Spouse/ Junior One Singing “Soapy” instead Phyno – The Bag”

The most controversial artiste of the year 2019 so far, Naira Marley continues his controversial run as he exonerate a new song titled “Soapy” and this has got everybody talking again.

From the street to social media, to music pundits criticizing it, the song has this obscure way of making people talk about it, either for or against it, you must talk.

Naira Marley’s songs to be candid isn’t a good addition to our society, from eulogizing cyber crime on “Am I A Yahoo Boy” he moved to advocate m**st*rbation activism on “Soapy” – Who does that?

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Having said all that, it will be so biased if we didn’t get to talk about the groovy of the song generally, apart from it’s misleading lyrical content, the song wasn’t a total bad song.

Naira Marley’s frequent collaborator on beat maker Rexxie, put on his A game in the production of “Soapy“. Even those of us that kicked against the song find it very hard to resist this Rexxie jammy beat.

However, Soapy would have been a very good song in all time listening if the teachings have been tailored to be something like; “Stay out of trouble if you don’t want to go to Prison, where all you will be doing is Soapy“. With that, the song will still have its Lamba inclined context .

“But when you have No Manner, wrong things will seem right , Naira Marley “Soapy” is a bad song and We wonder why Bloggers blog the song on their Website’s”””…

How will a man with a pending court case still go on to drop this kind of Society annihilating song, what if the judge in charge decided not to tamper justice with mercy because he/she actually took fault from “Soapy“? So funny,but too bad ……..

In addition, What do you think about this Song Soapy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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