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The apaulcalypse is here.This is the end.
A minute left to reconsider your options, Mixed feelings; like having the 24 strenous year old life hanging on the thread of an answer.

“Join in a bank heist or watch your entire family die, including you”

The atmosphere is very much charged, like an electrified conduit, the sweats are already making their exit; they don’t want to be in this situation.

Really nobody wants to,Even the thought s and emotions are not left out, each is tumbling over one another in a mad rush for peaceful solac .

All Paul could ever think of and hold onto was the feeble straw thought of how Dele, his very own Delilah led him into one huge mess of a situation.

APaulcalypse is truly deadly.
Tick, tock
Tick, tock
Time, the only element allowed to speak, is spent as every second ticks away. His mind began the lat minute recollection of what exactly that brought him down and deep.

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