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Nollywood actress Georgina Ibeh has addressed accusations that she was romantically involved with Apostle Johnson Suleman.


In retaliation, Ibeh disputed the report in the blogger’s comment section.

“Gistlover, excuse me, but what’s going on here? WHOM AM I Having a Threesome With? MY NAME IS GEORGIA IBEH. Please do not use my name in this. This charge is untrue! She was cool.

Gistlover had also accused her of engaging in adulterous relations with Apostle Suleman.

See below:

“..Sule knack am Belle, the woman nearly died in the process. When we got in touch with her, she explained that following the abortion, she began to experience some mental breakdowns and that she now only eats by mouth. I’ll also provide the chat that shows Sule’s number conversing with the housekeeper. Georgina Ibeh should be her game companion because ocholi on the other side does not Suleman alone and much prefers threesome.